Beyond Smoke Control

It is important to implement effective smoke control measures to keep areas within a building smoke-free in the event of a fire. This allows anyone within the building access to an escape route. However, the installation of a smoke control system is not the end of the matter. If a fire breaks out, the situation will quickly result in panic. It is important to make sure that people know exactly where they need to go to find their nearest escape route.

Fire safety signs are integral to getting people out of a burning building. Fire safety signs will help to keep people calm as they will know exactly where to go and will not be running around manically trying to guess where the exit is. Fire safety signs are based on the same premise as road signs. How would we ever know which direction we are heading in without them? Or what hazards are just around the corner? The three roles of signs are warnings, instructions and identification.

Fire safety signs must always be visible and not partially covered or hidden by anything. Exit routes need to be clear without any obstructions. Fire safety signs could be the difference between life and death; don’t underestimate to the importance of them.

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