Case Study: The Rock, Bury

The £350m shopping centre development recently opened with smoke control and ventilation systems designed and installed by FEA.

The centre has three department stores, 60 shops, a cinema, bowling alley and 400 apartments.

FEA were involved with the design development through to installation and commissioning of the smoke control and ventilation systems to the car parks, service yards and fire fighting stair/lobbies.

Part of this process involved the preparation of acoustic reports for operational plant, ventilation area reports for the special external cladding, design technical submissions and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis.

The car park levels and service yards were assessed to determine the extent of mechanical ventilation required and products selected best suited to achieve the required ventilation rates.
The car park levels and service yards were ventilated by a combination of jet fans and extract fans with an intelligent control system provided by FEA.

The staircases and lobbies were provided with natural ventilation, AOV (Automatically Opening Ventilators) or where inadequate space was available for natural ventilation openings, a mechanical smoke shaft type system was provided to achieve the same design parameters as the natural systems.

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