Change the way you think about Fire Safety

If someone says “fire safety,” what does this mean to you? Confused? Well, generally, people are able to suggest ways that a fire can be prevented. This is great, as it is vitally important to be able to recognise ways in which to do this. However, do you actually understand they way in which a fire begins in technical terms? This is not the same as knowing how to avoid a fire beginning in the first place.

If you know exactly what causes a fire initially and also ways in which it can spread, then this will also give you the knowledge of how to stop a fire, if one does break out, and also know what equipment to use on what type of fire.

So, how does a fire actually start? The answer is when fuel and oxygen come into contact and cause a chemical reaction. A by-product of such an occurrence is heat which keeps the flames burning.

There are different types of fuel; solid fuels include wood and coal; an example of liquid fuel is petrol and methane and butane are gas fuels. Oxygen is all around is so that is not difficult to find! Heat can be generated from matches, stoves, candles, etc and even natural sources of heat can occur such as lightening.

So now we know that you must have all three of these elements to begin a fire. How do you stop a fire once it has begun? Starve the fire of one of these elements!

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