Designing Smoke Extraction Solutions

It is very rare that two buildings are completely the same. Everything differs at least slightly, which means that smoke extraction systems always need to be tailored to the precise building they are being installed in.

For instance, some areas of some buildings are more likely to trap smoke than others. This is the sort of thing that needs to be taken into account when developing a smoke extraction solution; it might be that extra vents need to be installed or that something else needs to be done in order to prepare an area as an escape route.

The issue of escape routes is an important one: they need to be accessible, they need to take people out of the building to safety, and they need to be free of smoke as far as possible. This means that careful evaluation is needed when planning smoke extraction systems, so that the most efficient solution is found.

Depending on the building in question, this could mean putting vents in a particular location or having a fire door in a certain place as a smoke containment measure. Whatever the solution, designing smoke extraction systems is massively important and definitely requires time and attention to get right.

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