Effective Smoke Control with a Pressurisation System

An effective pressurisation system can save lives and it is all thanks to dedicated engineers and fire design specialists who work hard to achieve advancements in technology. Smoke has always been the most problematic part of a fire as once it begins to fill the air; it is quick to choke anyone who breathes it in. Because smoke spreads so quickly, it is extremely difficult to get away from which is why the ‘Smoke Angel’ pressurisation system was developed.

Smoke control is vital for two main reasons; it helps people within a burning building to escape and it can clear the route into a building for firefighters so that they can tackle the blaze and perform rescue missions. The idea of a pressurisation system is different to smoke extraction in that it does not clear smoke but instead prevents the smoke from entering a specific space in the first place. Pressurisation systems have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years, particularly in high rise residential buildings which are especially dangerous in the event of a fire.

The ‘Smoke Angel’ pressurisation system is triggered automatically when smoke us detected. Several smoke detectors are installed in corridors and lobbies around the building. Not only is the ‘Smoke Angel’ pressurisation system incredibly effective it is also easy to install. With the right smoke pressurisation system, you’ll have smoke control covered.

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