Effective Staircase Pressurisation Systems

It is vital that all buildings contain effective staircase pressurisation systems for use in the event of a fire. Evacuating tall buildings can be an extremely slow process; unfortunately, it takes little time for smoke to completely engulf the air inside it. In order to make sure that people are able to escape during a fire, it is imperative that smoke control measures are implemented.

The job of staircase pressurisation systems is to maintain smoke-free exit routes. Keeping these areas smoke-free allow people extra time to escape, which is invaluable during a fire as smoke and fire can take hold frighteningly quickly. Staircase pressurisation systems are complex, because the idea is to maintain certain level of pressure within them. However, when the doors are frequently opened and closed by escapees, pressure will be lost. Supply air fans are installed to combat this problem and prevent any smoke entering the open doors.

At FEA, we specialise in fire safety and have designed our very own staircase pressurisation system – Smoke Angel – for use in residential flats. Our aim is to ensure that people have a reliable and effective escape route in the event of a fire which will ultimately save lives.

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