Factory Fire Safety and Smoke Control

Fire safety should always be the number one priority in any workplace. There are, however, workplaces which are more susceptible to fires than others. One of the more dangerous types of workplaces is a factory.

Factories can be incredibly hazardous places if there is not a proper ventilation system in place. Factories tend to contain powerful electrical equipment, large amounts of workers as well as highly flammable chemicals.

It is essential that factory managers should identify and remove any possible fire hazards in the first instance. For example, malfunctioning electrical equipment, naked flames, chemical spillages or overheating equipment all need to be dealt with accordingly. Eliminating such hazards can prevent an outbreak of fire.

Escape routes should be identified and mapped out so that they are visible to all staff and visitors. There should never be any obstacles which could prevent anyone escaping. All fire doors should be kept closed at all times so that if there is a fire, it is automatically contained to one part of the factory.

There should be some sort of smoke control in place such as a smoke pressurisation, extraction or ventilation system – whichever is the most appropriate for that particular factory.

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