Fire Prevention and Smoke Control

Fire safety is made up of two main elements; fire prevention and smoke control. The outbreak of fire is always a potential hazard in any type of building; from houses and offices to shopping centres and underground car parks. It is important to always have appropriate fore safety equipment to hand as well as being knowledgeable about what to do if a fire occurs. Prepare for the worst so that you are able to so the utmost to protect your family/staff and your home/property.

For fire prevention, it is important to have the correct equipment, such as fire alarms and smoke detectors installed, to be able to be instantly alerted to a fire. Dealing with a fire in its initial stages decreases the potential danger and damage that it could cause. Keep fire hazards to a minimum. Don’t leave rubbish lying around that could easily aid the spread of a fire. If using flammable materials use them appropriately to prevent a fire.

If a fire does break out, despite these fire prevention measures it is important to have the proper equipment in place to deal with it. Because smoke is the biggest killer during a fire, it is crucial that a building has a smoke control system in place which allows a clear exit route for everyone in the building. Smoke extraction could mean the different between life and death so it is imperative that smoke control equipment is installed and regularly checked to make sure it is in good, working order.

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