Fire Safety and Society

In general, Britain has a very good record when it comes to fire safety; we have very few deaths compared to other countries. This low number is mainly due to the high standard of fire safety training which is provided in workplaces across the nation. It is an integral part of fire safety for people to always know where the nearest fire exits are in any public building, whether that be at work, in a shopping centre, underground car park, etc. Most people are able to recognise fire safety signs which will guide them safely out of a building.

Smoking has always been part of everyday life for many people. Now that smoking is no longer allowed in public buildings, the number of fires caused by cigarettes has been greatly reduced. However, people can sometimes break smoking rules so it is important to continue to be vigilant in case a lit cigarette is thrown down and starts a fire. Overloading electrical appliances is another common problem so it is important to have measure in places to prevent this from happening. Every building should be regularly checked to make sure that fire hazards are minimal.

Obviously, it is within everyone’s interest to prevent the outbreak of fire wherever possible. Those who suffer long-term health problems after being in a fire, costs the government a lot of money to provide the correct medication and medical equipment. Fire safety training is paramount to reduce the risk of fire in the UK. Without it there would be more fires and more people would be injured or killed because of them.

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