Fire safety Certificate ensures Effective Smoke Control

In any working environment, the safety of staff and visitors to the site or building is paramount. It is important to make sure that, as a business owner, you take all the necessary steps to ensure that there are effective smoke control and ventilation systems in place, in case you have the misfortunate to have a fire break out.

Optimum fire safety measures include fire suppression systems as well as smoke control, adequate ventilation and smoke pressurisation systems. A fire engineer can carry out checks to identify and analyse and potential risks. A fire engineer can devise a programme of effective fire and smoke control to make sure that the building is completely safe. It is important to make sure that the company which provides the fire engineer holds a valid fire safety certificate.

Fire and smoke control is not just important for safety at work, this also applies to homes and public places, such as shopping centres and underground car parks. Never compromise on fire safety; hire a qualified fire engineer with a fire safety certificate to ensure effective fire and smoke control.

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