Fire Safety: Keep your Electricals in Check

Electrical equipment is an integral part of many workplaces. In an average office, for example, each employee will have a computer each, plus there are other devices such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, laminators and that’s not even mentioning kitchen appliances.

A common factor which puts fire safety in jeopardy is faulty wiring. It is important that all electrical wiring is checked; particularly in brand new or old buildings. In new buildings the wiring may have been fitted incorrectly and in old buildings it may be in need of an upgrade. Make sure that you choose a reputable electrician to carry these checks out because if it is not done or something is missed, the end result could be a fire.

Another common cause of fire is overloaded electrical sockets. As mention earlier, there can be a lot of electrical equipment in an office but is important to make sure that everything is plugged in safely. Make sure that you are aware of the power load of every electrical appliance and never exceed the capacity of the circuit. If lights keep dimming and fuses keep blowing then there is a fire safety issue that needs sorting. Never ignore these signs or the consequences could be dire.

Don’t compromise on fire safety; be aware of electrical equipment at all times.

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