Jetfan Smoke Control Systems for Car Park Ventilation

Fire safety is paramount for people when it comes to enclosed spaces. Fire safety is a very important consideration when designing underground car parks. In underground car parks there are often many cars in a relatively small place, so they have to park close together. If there is an outbreak of fire it is very easy for the flames to spread from one car to another.

Smoke control systems have become very sophisticated to increase the level of protection provided for building and individuals. In recent years, jetfan smoke control systems have become the preferable choice for car park ventilation. Smoke control differs from smoke clearance and it is important to understand what they both are. Smoke clearance is when smoke is cleared in order to improve visibility and is particularly helpful for firefighters entering a burning building. Smoke control is the method of manipulating the movement of the smoke to allow for escape routes.

Jetfan smoke control systems are much cheaper than having to carry out expensive metal ductwork. Jetfan smoke control systems are a very effective solution for car park ventilation. Jetfan smoke control systems take up much less space then alternative options. This means that there is more headroom and floor space available for parking bays. Jetfan smoke control systems are not only more effective for car park ventilation, they are also much simpler and, therefore, quicker to install.

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