Keep Fire Exits clear with Smoke Ventilation

One of the main considerations in a building, when it comes to fire safety, is the presence of fire exits. Fire exits are access routes will allow people to escape out of a building in the event of a fire. However, fire exits are not good enough on there own; they need to have some sort of smoke extraction system implemented to keep them smoke-free at all times. The biggest killer during a fire is the smoke that is produced; not the flames themselves.

This is why, here at Fire Engineering Associates, we have developed a smoke ventilation system called Smokesure. This advanced smoke ventilation solution is able to detect the outbreak of fire using electronic sensors. When the sensors detect a fire they automatically trigger electronic controls which disperse any smoke and apply smoke barriers to prevent smoke filling the air in the fire exits.

There needs to be a combination of an effective smoke ventilation system, fire exits and also clear signposting to ensure the safety of individuals in a building. These three factors work together to allow people to escape from a burning building. The implementation of such safety measures will contribute to ensuring fire safety for all.

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