Knowledge is Key to Fire Safety

Fire safety training is an integral part of any workplace. If the worst happens and a fire starts in an office, factory, or other place of work, it is crucial to the safety of all employees that there is someone present who can be in control of the situation and get everybody out of the building. There should be more than one person who is designated as a fire warden as there will be times, such as holiday or sickness, when that person will not be at work. There must, therefore, be an alternative fire warden.

Safety training should cover several key areas. Firstly, if a fire does break out and it is contained in a small area, a fire warden will be able to assess the situation and decide whether or not they are able to extinguish the fire themselves and how to do so. Whenever there is a fire, employees should be alerted as quickly as possible in order to begin the evacuation process. All employees should be trained in fire safety but, such situations can make people panic and forget what they already know. A fully trained fire warden should be able to direct them to their nearest fire exit immediately and make sure they do not use the elevator.

Fire safety training should also teach how to identify what each colour of fire extinguisher means and what types of fire they can be used on. Using the incorrect fire extinguisher on a fire could have disastrous consequences and make the fire worse. Fire safety training should consist of a combination of visual teaching materials, various literature and a talk by a fire safety professional.

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