See Clearly with Smoke Extraction

Smoke is known to be the biggest killer when it comes to a fire. Smoke will choke a person even before the flames reach them. This is why smoke extraction has become such an important part of fire safety. Having an efficient smoke extraction system in place could save the life of anyone trapped in a burning building by keeping an escape route smoke-free. Smoke extraction is a popular method that is used in areas where large numbers of people gather i.e. shopping centres, airports, hospitals, etc.

The implementation of a smoke extraction system needs to be considered during the planning stage of any building. Planners and local authorities work together closely to ensure a reliable smoke extraction system is put in place. There are different methods of smoke extraction, but in recent years, specially designed smoke extraction systems have become more and more popular.

At Fire Engineering Associates, we have used out expertise to design a smoke extraction system called Smokesure. Smokesure uses CFD technology, which consists of a combination of sensors, electronic controls, automatic smoke ventilation, smoke barriers and integrated smoke shafts. Not only does a smoke extraction systems benefit anyone trapped in a burning building but also it helps fire fighters to gain safe access and reach those in need.

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