Stay Safe with a Fire Risk Assessment

Any business should make sure that they carry out regular fire risk assessments to improve and maintain the safety of their staff and the general public. Any relatively small area that hosts a large number of people can be incredibly dangerous if there is an outbreak of fire.

People die and get injured at work every year because of fires, which highlights the importance of fire safety; the statistics speak for themselves. A thorough risk assessment can drastically reduce the dangers faced by members of staff and the public.

Changes to UK fire regulations were introduced in October 2006, which saw the end of fire certifications and a more intense focus on fire prevention and risk reduction.

Here are some interesting fire-related facts:

• 70% of businesses who experience a major fire on their premises result in closure within three years of the fire or are just never able to reopen.
• Any business which employs 5 or more people is required to have a thorough and appropriate fire risk assessment.
• Businesses who do not have an up-to-date fire risk assessment could be subjected to a court hearing and also be fined if they call on the local fire and rescue service.

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