The Importance of Efficient Smoke Control

Everyone has heard the phrase “there’s no smoke without fire;” but it’s the smoke that kills people first. If a fire breaks out in a building, then the environment will quickly become enveloped in smoke which will quickly cause anyone in the vicinity to quickly be asphyxiated.

It is particularly important for efficient smoke control systems to be implemented in areas where large numbers of the general public congregate such as in shopping centres. There is not one, simple approach to ensure customer safety, but each shopping centre requires a bespoke smoke ventilation system. For such a large space, shopping centres can be filled with smoke within three minutes of a fire starting. That is why, in the event of a fire, the response needs to be quick and flawless.

Public protection is paramount and smoke control systems are an ideal way of keeping escape routes free of smoke, allowing people to escape the building. The installation of smoke ventilators clears smoke from escape routes, such as stairways. There are strict building and safety regulations in place which must be adhered to when implementing a smoke control system.

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