Underground Car Park Ventilation

Underground car park ventilation is a necessity for such confined spaces, containing high numbers of vehicles and, therefore, people. Over the years, buildings and vehicles have evolved and this has meant that architects and engineers have been forced to look into new ways of implementing fire safety measures to ensure the safety of individuals.

There are around 260 fires each year in UK underground car parks, leading to an average of seven people injured on an annual basis. When more than one vehicle is involved in a fire, the number of potential injuries and financial implications soar, due to structural damage. In 2006, an outbreak on fire in an underground car park in Switzerland caused the roof to collapse, killing seven firefighters.

Underground car park ventilation has never been as essential as it is today, as more complex buildings are being constructed, leading to restrictions in space. The increasing use of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) powered cars is providing further fire safety issues, as well as electric cars.

In the event of a fire, the intense heat and toxic gases are lethal in such an enclosed space. A sound underground car park ventilation system is imperative to ensuring a high level of safety. Here at Fire Engineering Associates, we use the latest advancements in Jetfan technology to run our underground car park ventilation systems. With our underground car park ventilation systems you can benefit from lower running costs and noise levels.

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