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    Car Park Ventilation Systems

    Fire Engineering Associates is a leader in Jetfan ventilation technology and was part of the driving force in developing this acclaimed multi-storey or underground car park ventilation system.

    The enclosed nature of these car parks means that an inevitable combustive combination of heat and toxic fumes adds a major risk in a fire emergency. They need car park ventilation systems that control the build up of dangerous carbon monoxide emissions, fumes and pollutants while maintaining a free flow of fresh air.

    Ceiling-fitted, high velocity Jetfan smoke vent systems are the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve this. Sophisticated built-in monitoring and detection sensors control and remove the toxic smoke and hot gases that can block escape routes and hinder firefighter access.

    Jetfan technology also means an end to expensive distribution ductwork and grilles that significantly reduce resistance. And the fewer obstructions mean more space for parking. The main car park ventilation fans can run at lower speed, which reduces running costs and noise levels. Car park ventilation system design and running costs are generally lower, too.

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