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    Case Study: Castle House, London

    Castle House is a 43 storey residential tower located at Elephant and Castle, London and is the tallest residential building in Central London. The building has three 9m diameter wind turbines integrated into the structure of the building a world first.

    FEA carried out the design and installation of the basement car park ventilation system and the smoke control system to the corridors.

    The car park ventilation system is a mechanical system comprising the installation of extract fans operating in conjunction with extract fans to achieve the air change rates required for general ventilation purposes and emergency smoke clearance.

    The corridor smoke control system comprises the use of a mechanical supply air system with natural smoke relief to dilute and remove smoke which enters the fire floor corridor.

    Builders work shafts are used to supply air and allow natural air relief from the fire floor, with mag lock operated doors to the shafts which open at the fire floor only in conjunction with the roof vents and supply air fans.

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