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    Staircases, lobbies and corridors can become effective escape routes or smoke-filled death traps. It depends how they are designed and managed. They can be kept free of smoke by pressurisation or depressurisation systems or by natural ventilation means – depending on the nature of the building.

    The right FEA Smokesure solution will use CFD technology, a combination of sensors and electronic controls, automatic smoke ventilation, smoke barriers and integral smoke shafts to disperse smoke and keep all routes clear and safe for escape or for access by fire fighters.

    There is a Smokesure natural ventilation system that uses power-driven, automatically opening window ventilators that are smoke detector-triggered to open in the event of a fire. Failsafe motorised smoke ventilators are installed in smoke shafts to allow hot smoke to escape. Smoke shaft fire doors – held closed by magnetic locks during normal operation – will open, allowing smoke to be ventilated from the corridor. Louvred smoke ventilators are installed at the head of staircores and at the discharge of the ventilation shaft.

    The Smokesure mechanical smoke shaft system for the ventilation of firefighting lobby and extended lobbies as a means of escape is a tried and tested alternative to a natural ventilation system.

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